StepMyCast makes you share your presentations with the World.

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Your webcasts for every platform? Even on iPad and iPhone?

With StepMyCast it's possible!

A congress, a keynote, a lesson? Create your webcast in just a few steps!

Simply and quickly, make a professional presentation with synchronized slides and videos!

Bring your conference everywhere.

StepMyCast is the perfect service to deliver the recording of your business event. Upload a video of your speech and attach the slides you used.
The result is an engaging webcast that runs on any device.

The broadband you need.

We pone no limits to your public: every presentation on StepMyCast has unlimited broadcasts, even in the free version.

Best viewed with everything.

We use a mix of different standards to deliver the right technology to each platform. The webcasts you produce on StepMyCast work well on Internet Explorer like on iPad or on your Android phone, with no need of additional plugins or other softwares.
Just open the link of your webcast and start watching.

It's hard to find an indigestible slide.

Prepare your presentation with the application you prefer, we support almost everything! A (not complete) list of supported files includes .DOC/.DOCX, .XLS/.XLSX, .PPT/.PPTX, .ODP, .SXI, .PDF, .RTF and even that old-fashioned Lotus 1-2-3 spreadsheet.
Your slides are also converted in a standard PDF document, to make your spectators able to download and keep them.

One Link, One Webcast.

The browser you're already using is the only software you need to get a full featured version of every webcast. Just share the unique link you get after you published the contents to let your spectator enjoy the show!
They can play it, pause it and jump between chapters simply clicking on the slides. We also offer different layouts to give greater importance to the video or to the slides.


If you have two or more webcasts to link and to reproduce in sequence, create a playlist: they will be played in series and users will be able to choose what to watch and what to skip, with a simple navigation bar.